Tasks Feature

The Tasks feature allows the Governing Body to manage more effectively the delegation of activities. Ofsted's recent report ("School governance: learning from the best", May 2011) highlighted the need for proper delegation of key tasks and effective monitoring of progress.

The Tasks Feature in GVO

Tasks feature

Effective Delegation

The system allows a task to be recorded and allocated to a nominated individual or group (e.g. a sub-committee). A folder can be created for that task that stores all relevant information pertaining to that activity. For example, if the task was to secure planning permission for a new classroom the folder might include architects' drawings, planning applications and surveyors' estimates.

Ongoing Monitoring

The person to whom the task has been delegated can update the task folder with progress as they go. That means that the whole Governing Body can quickly view the system to see how the project is progressing. A simple visual graphic summarises progress on this and any other tasks; the Clerk or the Chair can quickly view the status of tasks ahead of a committee meeting And the system will automatically generate reminders for Governors who have an upcoming task completion deadline.

More Effective Governance

All in all the Tasks feature is another useful tool to help Governors work together and keep in touch with what is going on.