Governors Virtual Office - Overview

With more time pressure, a more complex environment, and increasing statutory obligations - a new way of working needs to be found to help Governors in their work.

A smarter way of working

Governors Virtual Office aims to provide a different way of working to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of the Governing Body.
  • Reduce the time spent in meetings:
    • Less time updating each other
    • More time using skill and experience in deciding what to do.
  • Provide better access to information.
  • Reduce the workload associated with organising meetings.
  • Reduce the need for meetings.

Information technology for Governors

Governors Virtual Office provides web-based tools including:

  • A reference library containing all the working papers of the Governing Body:
  • Space for news, views and comments from Governing Body members
  • A Policy Management system
  • A Meeting Management system
  • Tools with which to collaborate with colleagues

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