Governors Virtual Office - Implementation

Governors Virtual Office has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. However, we have over time developed expertise in helping teams work collaboratively and so we offer schools a comprehensive service that will help them make the most of their deployment of Governors Virtual Office.

Six Steps to Effective Collaboration

Six Steps to Effective Collaboration

1. Website Build and Customisation

When you place your order with us the first thing we do is build your Governing Body its own Virtual Office. This is a website that only you have access to and is password protected. We also customise the Virtual Office for you by adding the correct sub-committees and by creating User ID's and passwords for each of your Governors. We'll send you a form asking for the information and implement a Virtual Office for you - usually within a week of receiving your data.

2. Kick Off Meeting

Once your Governors Virtual Office is set up we will arrange a Kick Off Meeting with you. This should involve the Clerk and the Chair of Governors and perhaps two or three others. At the meeting we'll agree a more detailed deployment plan with you and show you how to use the site. The meeting should last for about 1 hour and can take place as soon as your Governors Virtual Office is set up.

3. Populate the Site with Historic Data

As soon as you have had your basic training the Clerk can get to work and start populating the site with meeting dates and historic reference information - e.g. meeting minutes, policies, terms of reference etc. This is important because it means that when other Governors first visit the site they will have some meaningful information to look at. This stage will depend on how many documents you have to load and how much time the Clerk can make available. Typically one or two weeks should be adequate.

4. Governors Start to Use the Site

Now that the site is populated it can be rolled out to the other Governors. Many schools do this at a Full Governing Body Meeting. We can provide you with a short presentation that explains what Governors Virtual Office is and how it can help you in your work as a Governing Body We also have short training exercises that Governors can use to learn how to use the site.

5. Telephone-based Coaching

During the first three months we will make regular contact with you by phone - about once a month - to see how you are getting on and to offer any advice and encouragement that we can. Based on our experience we can quickly judge how well your Governing Body is adapting to the new way of working and we will feed that back to you.

6. Team Tune Meeting

After three months we will chair a conference call with you to review progress against your deployment plan and make further recommendations on getting the most out of your Governors Virtual Office.