Governors Virtual Office - Feedback from Schools

"I am delighted with our initial experience of the Governors Virtual Office. Not only have our Governors found it useful, but the ISI inspectors clearly recognised its value in their comments about it in their recent inspection report."
Bursar - Oxfordshire Independent School

"An innovative virtual office [has been] created to assist communication, provide weekly updates on routine matters and release time in meetings for discussion of strategy."
ISI Inspection Report - Oxfordshire Independent School

"It's good to be able to offer some tools to support the work of the Governors. I think it will also help in recruiting good Governors."
Head Teacher - Portsmouth Secondary

" I still haven't explored all the new functionality but I am getting used to it and I like it. Having everything readily available helps as people can go and find things for themselves. The newest governors don't seem to find the site problematic as we have had a recent FGB meeting and they managed to access it all. I find the Links section really useful as I can easily pop something on there as I come across it. "
Clerk - Bracknell Forest Primary

"The Governors meeting went very well. We projected the agenda onto the screen and this worked a treat. The bits that worked best in my view were discussions on specific reports and documents - such as the benchmarking report, the committee responsibilities list and the admissions policy etc. We got through things in a more businesslike way and concentrated on what needed discussion."
Chair of Governors - Hampshire Primary

" A wonderful tool in improving the effectiveness of our Governing Body."
Chair of Governors - West Sussex Primary

"The site is very easy to use - it's just a matter of using it and gaining familiarity"
Clerk - Wiltshire Primary

"I'm really excited about getting started with it; it'll be a real help to me as the Clerk."
Clerk - Southampton Primary

"Governors now see me much more as a proactive member of the team. I have the time now to help the governors perform their roles by putting plans and information into the Governors Virtual Office in a way that makes them better informed. So they can be more effective in their role."
Clerk - Portsmouth Primary

" I've been asked to lead the turnaround of a school in Special Measures. My experience has shown the need for a Virtual Office where I could share progress with the other temporary Governors and where we could start to build a library of reference documents that can be handed over initially to a new Shadow Governing Body and then the new Governing Body when the school is back on its feet. The ability to share information quickly will, I anticipate, be greatly enhanced as we bring new Governors on board. "
Chair of Governors - Hampshire Secondary