Governors Virtual Office - Features

Governors Virtual Office provides a comprehensive range of features to make the work of Governing Bodies more productive. See how this helps members of the Governing Body.


An online storage facility that allows the Clerk to deposit important documents which can then be accessed by Governors whenever they need.

  • The library is structured to reflect the organisation of your school's Governing Body.
  • Gives Governors access to all relevant papers and documents in one place.
  • Ability to search for documents by subject, author, date etc.
  • Ability to control access to individual documents to nominated governors only.


An online calendar where the school and Governors' calendar can be maintained and accessed via the world wide web.

  • Links to the meetings management function to allow Governors access to information for each meeting.

Meetings Management

A facility to help Clerks and Chairs schedule meeting for the Governing Body and for sub-committees and to prepare and distribute meeting packs.

  • Prepare, discuss and approve agendas.
  • Link meeting papers to the agenda.
  • Distribute agenda and papers electronically without Governors having to handle multiple attachments.


An online tool to help manage delegated tasks within the Governing Body Click here to learn more..

  • Create a record of tasks that have been allocated to nominated individuals or groups (e.g. sub-committees).
  • Develop a comprehensive task 'folder' that contains all relevant material.
  • Track progress towards completion with updates from the nominated task manager.
  • Generate automatic prompts for tasks that are becoming due.

Policy Management

An online repository for all the school's policies where they can be accessed when needed without having to refer to the Clerk.

  • Reminder system highlighting which policies need review.
  • Policy owner can make new or amended policies available for review.
  • Governors can add comments, suggestions and questions that all Governors can see.
  • On line ratification or rejection by Governors.

News, Views and Comments

Facilities where Governors with specific responsibilities can keep one another informed between meetings.

  • Post news items to help keep Governors up to date.
  • Governors can hold online discussion on subjects of mutual interest.
  • Can be used to solicit Governors' views on a topic.

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