10 reasons for using Governors' Virtual Office

Here are our top ten reasons for using Governors' Virtual Office with your governing body: .

top ten

  • To provide a single, secure location where governors can find all the information they need in their role whenever they want.
  • To improve communication and collaboration between meetings.
  • To reduce the length of meetings; make them more focused. Reduce the time spent informing governors and increase the time available for discussing strategic issues.
  • To provide an automatic audit trail and evidence of governors’ activity in understanding the school, its strengths and its weaknesses.
  • To help governors to become more engaged with the school and its governance.
  • To help newly joined governors get up to speed and become fully effective as quickly as possible.
  • To reduce the elapsed time in taking decisions.
  • To help make the governance process more inclusive.
  • To improve the security of governors’ documents.
  • To reduce the administrative load on the Clerk and free them to spend more time in their professional role.

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